Twelve Reasons Not to Worry

About the Economic Meltdown


12.  My Man said it was “Rock Solid”

11.  Noah didn’t panic - Bless the Bible!

10.  Trust- don’t judge my Manicorn

9.    Protestants...Tories... have ethics

8.    Subsidies for Big Oil remain intact

7.    There is no financial crisis.. honest..

6.    We have BUYING Opportunities

5.    The CPP is WAY over-rated

4.    Cuz every other candidate is worried

3.    It’s not like over 80% our our trade is tied to the collapsing US economy

2.     Elizabeth will explain it ....

..the #1 reason why You should not worry about the economy ....

1.  Looks like Mama Harper is running    the Department of Finance !!

Top Reasons....

Top TEN Reasons WHy My MAN was LATE for the G20 PHOTO OP  
10.  In line at Timmies
  9.   Hosting a gun raffle
     8.   Taking orphan kitty to pound
     7.   Outlawing Pay Equity
     6.   Building recession bridges   
  5.   Conferring with expensive US                    Advisors on which smile to use 
    4. Planning next tax-deductible Reno                            3.     Conferring with Clairvoyant
   Hairdresser on which gel to use    
Styling hairdo 
....The number one reason why Stephen Harper missed the G20 photo Op ..

1. The Ottawa version of IBS - IPS or  Irritable Politician Syndrome !!





Twelve Reasons Why Stephen Harper is a Rock Awesome                                     Leader!

12. He’s not that into details.  Just trust him!

11. My manicorn’s adorable Lego-hair !!

10. He was on Reach For the Top in High School ...too bad they lost !!!

9. He looks GREAT dressed up like a Cowboy!  Yee Haw !!

8. He got the government to back off the yummy sliced meat  manufacturers.

7. When he smiles, the whole of Calgary smiles with him.

6. So the clairvoyant doesn’t tell your co-workers what you really think of them.

5. Shows  love by appointing unelected friends to senate & cabinet.  

4. He is an irresistibly adorable powder blue Cashmerian Devil.

3. He created the Handbook on How to Disrupt Parliament.

2. With a majority, there is nothing stopping him.

.. the #1 reason why Stephen Harper is Rock Awesome ....

1. He gonna make this government last and last !! Four more years !!!

Top Two Reasons Why 
Kyoto is a 
socialist plot 
2. Environmentalists wear weird German sandals. 

... and the number one reason why Kyoto is a SOCIALIST PLOT .....

1. Because Stephen Says So !!!!!

  1. 2.George could only run for two terms.

... and the number one reason why Stephen Harper will meet with Barak Obama .....

1. McCain lost

Top Two Reasons Why

Stephen Will Hang

with Obama

HELP! I can’t tell 
them APART!