Taurus and Capricorn

Love Match:

These two will connect in a positive loving way

if they desire.

Capricorn is fascinated with Taurus and there is potential

for a lasting love here.

Sex could be explosive and will be a reason to keep coming back to one another. They will be a strong force together and their friends will say “they look great together as a couple.”

Hidden agendas do not exist in the land of Capricorn, Taurus.

All in all, the sexual chemistry will be always be evident and satisfying. It only gets better with Capricorn, Taurus!

Compatibility Rating:
Go For it!

Stephen loves me this I know

For the bible tells me so

Little cats do him adore

All is lost so vote for more!

Just plain Sweetness!

Always hard at Work!

How well do you know our Prime Minister?
Stephen & his daddy both worked                  for Imperial Oil.                          True/False      
Stephen’s official website prioritizes       fostering pets.                            True/False
He is totally NOT hot.                   True/False
 He called Human Rights                 Commissions totalitarian.                 True/False
In 2006 he didn’t attend the International    AIDS Conference in Toronto             True/False
Stephen was born in Calgary             True/False
 Stephen had asthma as a child          True/False
Stephen is cuddly soft                    True/False
Stephen thinks all taxes are bad        True/False 
He says same-sex marriages are                    a human right                              True/False 
He likes to leave the House of Commons           by the back door                          True/False
He is NOT adorably adorable            True/False

You are the cutest of cute,

In your eyes I go mute.

Decisive man are you,

Maintain control is your cue.

Stephen Harper does know best,

A majority will put us to that test.

Oh so hot - Kiss me FOOL,

Be mine cuz you are COOL!

Answers: 1.T, 2.T, 3.F, 4.T, 5.T, 6.F, 7.T, 8.T, 9.T, 10.F, 11.T, 12.F
If you got 1-5 correct: You don’t know Stephen at all!!  Study him closely & then join the Fan Club.
If you got 5-10 correct: Not bad! But you can improve.  Join the Fan club & work towards an executive status.

If you got 10-12 correct: Way to go!  You are a true Harper Luva!  Go ahead & admire him but from a distant, because he is mine silly !!